Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Four Manners of Healthy Living

Living a healthy lifestyle involves appreciating an array of factors that potentially affect your health and adjusting your manner of living toward those enduring healthy beneficial effects. Age and genetics are health influences for which you have absolutely no control, at least not yet.

Living a healthy lifestyle

Beyond these, positive sustainable health maintenance is potentially achievable in consideration of four major controllable lifestyle mannerisms. Existing in the contrary, reaps responsively lousy repercussions.

These four potent styles in life areas are :

Maintain Healthy Weight — no whining, make it happen.

Eat Healthy Food Variety — limit calories & sat. fat.

Physically Active — matters not how, just do.

Have Fun — positive attitude, positive life.

Why not take on the motto of preventing the preventable with these 4 manageable health manners of living adjustments, and get your healthy lifestyle started.

When you decide to start down that healthy life’s road, focus your attention and adjust your behaviors in regards to these 4 healthy primal subject areas. For even minor tweaks in any of these lifestyle leading sectors helps you feel better today, as well as reduces a myriad of risks associated with some of life’s most serious diseases. Ugh, not a bad payoff, wouldn’t ya say!

How to go about a healthy lifestyle change is not that complicated. Each morning remind yourself to focus on these 4 healthy lifestyle components throughout your day. If you have problems remembering, tack the 4 manners of healthy living list up on your bathroom’s mirror. Bam ~ there’s your reminder.

Now here is the secret to your healthy success. What you want (and need) to do is train your mind to consider these healthy lifestyle handlers as you go about your daily activities. Lack of consideration is where most fall down.

Your pattern of previously unhealthy behavior will kick in automatically on cue, without a doubt. Take for example, your body cues you to eat (hunger signal) and suppose your previous unhealthy reaction was to hit that convenient fast food mill to satisfy that call.

Examining the wish list of health promoters, this behavior would sabotage at least 2 of them, weight maintenance and healthy food eating. Oops, expectantly most of you will only realize your habitual muck up after the deed. No problem! As long as you take the time to heed this unhealthy behavior choice.

Guilt accomplishes nothing. Don’t beat yourself up over an action yourself has been previously trained to perform. Use this natural opportunity to coach yourself toward a flip side healthy reaction.

In the aftermath of an identified unhealthy misstep, take your time to review all the possible healthy alternatives that were available when you embarked on your unhealthy journey. Create a health filled list of alternatives in your mind.

Use our example of satisfying hunger with an unhealthy fast food choice, some of the potential healthy solutions on your second thought might go something like:

  • remind yourself to throw a banana in your work bag for such a hungry occasion
  • explore and note healthy food establishments located on the same block as your favorite fast food joint
  • eat before you head out for work
  • check yourself for a hunger misfire

This list is by no way all inclusive, its only purpose is stimulate your thinking in a healthier direction. Now you try practicing the art of creatively hunger solving.

Your success is rooted in your past behavioral responses to manner of living cues. If you don’t stop and mentally provide healthy alternatives after a misstep, you cannot possibly start down the health alternative lifestyle road.

Guilt is like a virus ~ it grows if fed. Remember that you never have a right to feel guilty, but you have every reason in the world to modify your living manners towards a healthier you.

A boo boo mistake is nature’s way of getting you there. Don’t turn them into roadblocks.